All our dressers come prepared for a show carrying a simple dressing kit including a basic sewing set, pins and changing scarf. In normal circumstances we calculate one dresser to every two models. This may need to be varied if the show has very complicated fastenings on the dresses or a lot of accessories. Bridal shows, with lots of buttons, may need a dresser per gown. Discuss your show with us and we can help to get the right number of people. Not too many, not too few. Dressers will all ensure that any pressing or steaming is done between shows (where there is time). At the end of the day they will help pack away the clothes, shoes and accessories as instructed.

A Head Dresser will take responsibility for managing the team of dressers ensuring they all know what they are doing and have everything they need. Some designers like to use student dressers to give them a taste of life backstage at a Fashion Show. A Head Dresser will make sure the team, professsional or amateur, know what to do and what is expected of thern. This is important when you have a large team backstage.