About us

We were established in 1970 when Pamela's motherJoan Chaprnan was a wardrobe mistress for a fashion house in central London. She was asked to gather a team together to help at a huge charity event and "the dressers" were born.

Our work is extremely varied including shows in stores, charity functions, London Fashion Week, Graduate Fashion Week, tours, trade shows, Couture, bridal events, commercials and fashion shoots, at home & abroad.

We have worked at London Fashion Week since its inception in 1984 and now typically provide teams for 30+ shows per season. A large part of our service now, is providing seamstresses/tailors and pressers.

“Born under a dress rail” a natural organiser, now runs the majority of bookings and accounts for Chapman Burrell. Also goes on site as backstage manager, collection manager, wardrobe and seamstress and has experience in events.

Lifetime of work in the fashion industry with history of buying, selling, manufacturing and for 20 plus years ran the family business, set up by her mother Joan, before handing over to Emily. Still is involved as wardrobe and seamstress.

Experience in theater as stage manager and advertising as producer. Now assists with keeping the accounts.